Above, my 33rd week....

Below, the stick that told me I would be a mother. :)

the day my life changed forever...

the day my life changed forever...
March 23rd 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

little girl!!!

Well, I must say the last 24 hours have been quite the ride. We found out that our little baby is a girl!!!! She is healthy with a strong heartbeat of 152/min. We were in shock (at least I was) pretty much all last night. We've been calling her by the boy name for 4 months now and it's just funny how convinced I was that she was a boy. I'm really excited though and today it is sinking in that we will have a precious little baby girl to hold in just a few short months. We went out to the boathouse on Lake Ontario for dinner last night and had filet mignon to celebrate. I love steak! Of course, on the way home I couldn't help but take a little detour to Old Navy and have a "small" shopping spree. Oh, this little one is going to be well dressed. Let me tell you. She already has 3 pairs of shoes (as she should). Our sweet neighbors brought us a bag full of goodies today to congratulate us! She now is the proud owner of a pink tutu swimsuit! I love it! So here are the photos of her 20 week ultrasound and her new swimsuit. And the name will be a secret until November.

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